Data Card / Program Private Products & Rates

The Bionic data cards will contain products publicized by the publisher.  However, this may not be an all inclusive listing.  You can add products to a program that only your company can see, which are referred to as Private Products.  These products will then be available to choose from when working in your media plan.

If a product is manually entered into the media plan, it will be automatically added to the program as a private product.

You can also manually add private products directly to the data card.


Enter the Product Name, Channel, Ad Units, Market, Dayparting, Rating,  Impression/Mo, Standard Rate, and Our Rate as applicable.

Press the Add Private Product button to add additional lines.


Our Rate

Your company may have negotiated rates for a particular product.  You can reflect this through the Our Rate field.

When you add a program to your media plan, the Our Rate will pull through if one is present.  Otherwise it will pull through the Standard Rate if one is present.  If you enter a rate in the media plan, the rate will automatically update the Our Rate field on the data card for that product.

The next time anyone in your company adds the product to a media plan, the Our Rate will pull through.

Anytime you accept a proposal, the rate entered in the proposal will be used in the media plan.


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