For automatic updates, activate the Google Adwords Adapter

Wouldn't it be nice to show up to work in the morning and see up-to-date Google Adwords performance metrics already loaded into your Bionic dashboard? Good news: Bionic has a nice integration with Google Adwords that makes this possible.

As part of your account setup, we'll need to set up Google Adwords to automatically deliver performance data to Bionic through a special adapter. To do that:

  1.  Send a screenshot of the account information in the top right of the AdWords application to
  2. Bionic will setup a private email box “???” and send that address to you.
  3. Once you receive the confirmation email that your email box has been set up you will then need to “invite” the email address to receive the AdWords reports.
  4. We will “accept” the invitation.
  5. Setup the report to automatically link to AdWords click here or manually load your AdWords data click here 




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