Manually Loading Data from a Facebook Campaign to a Bionic Placement

Bionic can help you to monitor the performance of your Facebook ads. Facebook has reporting tools that will tell you what happened with your advertisement.  What Facebook will not tell you is whether or not this is what you planned to happen. It won't tell you if your Facebook advertising is on track to hit your marketing objectives.

Bionic can help you with this. 

In order for Bionic to answer this question, it needs the performance data from Facebook.  This article explains how to manually load the data. 

Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Download Facebook performance data

  1. Sign into your Facebook account at
  2. On the home page, click the down arrow menu in the upper right corner and select "Manage Ads"
  3. If you have multiple accounts select the one you ran the campaign in

  4. Be sure you’re viewing “All Campaigns”
  5. Select the campaign or campaigns that you need the data from.
  6. Click the "Filters" dropdown in the upper right corner, then select "Filter By Selection"FB_Filter_by_Selection.jpg
  7. Click the Columns: drop down menu and select Customize Columns 
  8. Choose the following columns:
    • Account
    • Account ID
    • Campaign Name
    • Campaign ID
    • Impressions
    • Clicks
    • Unique Clicks
    • Amount Spent
    • Actions
    • Page Likes
    • (let us know if you want to load other metrics)
  9. Check the ‘Save as preset’ button in the bottom left and enter a name for the report (e.g. Bionic Report) to save these setting for future use.
  1. Click on the Breakdown drop down menu, scroll to the bottom click By Time and select Day.
  2. Select the "Date Range" for the date range you wish to report on.
  3. Once everything is set click the Export button on the right
  4. Before completing the export make sure ‘Include Deleted Items with Delivery’ and ‘Include Summary Row’ are NOT selected. Select Save as .csv file                                                                     

    Step 2: Uploading the Facebook Performance Data to Bionic

    1. Log onto Bionic and click on the Campaigns tab
    2. Select the campaign you want to upload the data to
    3. Once in the campaign click on the Performance tab
    4. Then click on the ‘Chart’ button.

    5. Click Data Sources on the left
    6. Click Add Data Source(s)                                                                                                                  
    7.   Select Facebook and click Done.
    8. Next select the placements you want to load Facebook data for
    9. Enter your Campaign ID from the Facebook report into the Campaign ID field in Bionic. (this creates the connection between the Bionic placement in the Facebook data)
    10.  Click the ‘Upload’ button.                                                                                         

    11. Click the ‘Choose File’ button and browse to where you saved the Facebook report.
    12. Click Upload.
    13. Once complete click Metrics next to Data Source and your new data should show up.

*Please note that occasionally an upload error will occur if the csv file exported from Facebook was opened in Excel prior to uploading the file into Bionic. This is due to Excel wanting to automatically format cells. The quickest fix for this to to just export the file from Facebook a second time.


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