Export PowerPoint Presentation

Bionic provides a PowerPoint presentation that you can customize and present to your client.  The presentation includes an overview and detailed breakout of your media plan and allocations.



To export the PowerPoint presentation, press the Export button on the upper right side of your media plan.


Select the PowerPoint checkbox, and press Export. You also have the option to select which attributes are included in your PowerPoint. By deselecting Media Plan, Flowchart or Allocations these sections will no longer appear in your PowerPoint presentation. 

The presentation will be built in the background.  Most presentations generate in a few seconds.  However, if you have a very large media plan, it may take a couple of minutes to complete.  You can continue working in Bionic while it generates the file.  The PowerPoint document will open once completed.


(This is only a section of the complete PowerPoint presentation)

There are sections of the presentation that require additional information not currently available in Bionic, so you will want to review the presentation and complete any missing information.

The presentation is designed in such a way that you may apply your own custom design template.

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