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Bionic provides an import file for you to carry your data into DCM.



To export the DCM Placement Import file, press the Export button on the upper right side of your media plan.

NOTE: The DCM Placement Import can only be selected if you have DCM setup in the campaign


Select the DCM Placement Import checkbox, and press Export.

The file will automatically output in a DCM friendly format.

When exporting data from Bionic into the DCM spreadsheet, Bionic will convert the Bionic cost methods to DCM cost methods. The translations are shown below, where you see N/A the cost method field in the DCM spreadsheet will be left blank.

Bionic Cost Method

Description DCM Cost Method
CPA Cost Per Action CPA
CPM Cost per 1000 impressions CPM
CPC Cost Per Click CPC
CPL Cost Per Lead CPA
CPCV Cost Per Completed View CPA
CPP Cost Per Point N/A
CPV Cost Per View CPM
dCPM Dynamic CPM CPM
Each Per Item N/A
Flat Flat Rate Flat Imps
Make Good   CPM
PCI Per Column Inch N/A
Per Spot   N/A
Value Add Included at no charge CPM
vCPM viewable CPM vCPM
/Day per Day N/A
/Week per Week N/A
/Month per Month N/A
/4wk Period per 4wk Period N/A


When including the DCM Tag and DCM Placement Compatibility custom columns, these are the values that will then be exported to the DCM spreadsheet.


DCM Placement Compatibility

Placement Compatibility Dimensions
Blank/Null Blank/Null Display [Ad Unit]
Blank/Null None Blank [DCM Placement Compatibility] [Ad Unit]
Ad Serving Blank/Null Display [Ad Unit]
Ad Serving None Blank [DCM Placement Compatibility] [Ad Unit]
Tracking Only Any value including blank Display 1x1
No Tag Any value Placement not exported  


Only these Channels will be exported to the DCM spreadsheet:

Online Display
Mobile Display

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