What Are Programs / Data Cards?

Bionic has developed a directory of advertising opportunities that is made up of data cards.  Each data card represents a program and should be considered your company's main reference for that program.  You can think of a data card similar to a media kit or rate card, but it provides all of the core information in a structured format.  It can also store information "private" to your company.

Data cards are used for research purposes and to populate your media plan.  A data card will contain information about the available channels and products for each, along with available impressions and cost, when available.  Additionally, it will contain profile data and targeting options, descriptive information, and contact information to help make getting to the right person easier.   Private products, rates, contacts, and endorsements can be added to each card to share internally.

When developing media plans, you will be selecting a data card for each Program.  You will either select an existing data card, or you will be able to create a "private" data card if the program you are looking for doesn't already exist in Bionic.


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