Manually Uploading Performance Data from a Google Adwords Campaign to a Bionic placement

Bionic enables you to monitor the performance of Google Adwords as part of Bionic's Marketing Performance Management module. In order to accomplish this, Bionic needs to gather performance data from Google Adwords.

This article describes the process of manually exporting Google Adwords performance data and importing it into a single placement in Bionic. For other options, see Google Adwords Performance Monitoring.

Step 1: Export Performance Data from Google Adwords

If you have not already configured your Adwords Extract please do so by following these instructions.

Step 2: Import Google Adwords data into Bionic

Now that you have the data you want to load, your next step is to import it into Bionic. Here's how you do it:

  1. Sign in to Bionic at
  2. Click the campaign into which you wish to load the data
  3. On the media plan, Find the line item where the performance data should be loaded then click the line item menu then click "View Line Item":

  4. Then click the "Performance" tab. At this point, you'll only see a goal line on the progress chart because you've not yet loaded data
  5. Click "Data Sources" to see your list of data sources:

  6. When you land on the Data Sources page, you'll have the option to add Google Adwords as a data source. Click the "Add Data Source" button.

  7. On the Add Data Source dialog, choose "Google Adwords" then click the "Done" button:

  8. This will bring up an empty data source data sheet. Click the "Upload" button:

  9. On the "Upload" screen, click the "Browse..." button to select the data file you want to upload then click the "Upload" button:

  10. It will take a little while to upload your data. You will see a processing indicator while loading.
  11. Once complete, you data sheet will be populated with the data you just loaded.




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