Setting up a placement to automatically receive performance data from Google Ads

Wouldn't it be nice to show up to work in the morning and see up-to-date Google AdWords performance metrics in your Bionic dashboard? Good news: Bionic has a nice integration with Google AdWords that makes this possible. Follow the steps below to set this up.

Step 1: Activate the Google Ads adapter

If you don't already have the Google Ads Adapter set up for your account, you'll first need to Activate the Google Ads Adapter.

Step 2: Configure the Google Ads Extract.

If you have not already configured your Ads Extract please do so by following these instructions.

Step 3: Get your Google Ads Campaign ID

A Google Ads "Campaign" maps to a Bionic "Placement" -- not a Bionic "Campaign".  In order to map your Ads Campaign to your Bionic placement, you first need to get your Ads Campaign ID.  Here's how you do that:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account at
  2. Go to the campaigns listing by clicking the campaigns tab:

  3. Verify that you have a column named "Campaign ID." If not, you can add it by clicking the "Columns" button then "Modify Columns" and adding the Campaign ID column to your page layout:

  4. Now that you can see your Campaign IDs, find the campaign you want to link and copy its Campaign ID:


Step 4: Link your Bionic Placement to your Google Ads Campaign

The final step is to link your Bionic placement to your Google Ads campaign.  Here's how you do that:

  1. Sign in to Bionic at
  2. Click the campaign into which you wish to load the data
  3. On the Settings Tab and click Integrations from the left-hand menu.Google_Ad_1.jpg
  4. Click on the ‘Select Integrations’ button and select the Integration you created for Google Ads. Then click the ‘Done’ button at the bottom, this will add a column to your media plan in the Implementation section of the media grid.                                                                                                                        Google_Ad_2.jpg
  5. Click on the ‘Media Plan’ tab, scroll to right in the Media Plan until you come to Google Ad integration column (this will be just after the Tracking URL field). Google_Ad_3.jpg
  6. To link a placement to Google Ads hover over the Integration field and click the ‘Include’ button and you will enter the Google Ads Campaign ID here.  Google_Ad_4.jpg



Once linked, you will start automatically receiving data the following day (tomorrow morning). If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact our customer support group. We're always happy to help you.

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