What is a Data Source?

Data Sources

Bionic has the ability to gather marketing performance data from outside systems. Bionic generically calls these outside systems "data sources." These data sources provide the metrics that drive Bionic's Marketing Performance Management capabilities.

Bionic supports dozens of data sources.  Here are the sources that we currently integrate with:


We are always looking to add new data sources! If you don't see what you need listed, please see Adding a New Data Source for more information.

Integration Levels

There are 3 levels of integration. Not all data sources support a full Level 3 integration.

Level 3: Automated 1-way integration. After the initial setup, performance data will flow through from the data source to Bionic automatically on a nightly basis. Examples of Level 3 integrations: All Google products (DCM, Analytics, AdWords, etc.), Sizmek, Bing, 4C and more.

Level 2: Partial integration. Allows you to pull reports directly from the source and upload manually into Bionic. Examples of Level 2 integrations: Facebook, Twitter, RevTrax, LinkedIn, and more. 

Level 1: Fully manual integration. Bionic provides you with a template in which you enter the performance results and then upload into Bionic. Examples of Level 1 integrations: Generic sources for 3rd party vendors sending you performance data (Site Served, Radio, TV, e-Newsletter), Pandora, Flashtalking, and more.

Each source comes with instructions based on the integration level we support for that particular source. You can find this information, broken out by source, under the Marketing Performance Management section.



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