Upgraded Flowcharts Part 2

In our continuation of improved flowchart appearance and functionality, a number of new improvements have been added in this release.

Time Scale added to Customize View screen

Previously, the flowchart was displayed in monthly increments. Time Scale has been added as an option in Customize View to display and summarize data in weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly time frames.

Expanded Group By fields

Grouping has been expanded to include Ad Unit, Advertiser, Campaign, Product, and Rate Type.

2nd level grouping

You may now add a 2nd level of grouping for greater insight.

Display Values

You may now select from a variety of totals to display in your flowchart, including Net Media Cost, Estimated Impressions, Ad Serving, and more.

Static headers

For larger flowcharts that require scrolling, the entire header section above the flowchart will now remain static.


Complete details about using flowcharts can be found on the Flowcharts page.


Please feel free to reach out to Bionic Customer Support at (603) 676-7285 Option 3 or for more information or assistance with this and other features.

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