Customizing Flowcharts

Customizing your flowcharts

You are able to customize a number of attributes of your flowchart, including dates, grouping, and color coding.  The settings you choose will be remembered until you change them.  You can also setup multiple views for commonly used settings.


Customize View

By clicking on Customize View, you can control your time frame, grouping, color coding, display values, and whether to wrap placement text.



Date Range

By default, your flowchart will display all applicable data for all time.  You can filter the view based on specific dates or time periods.

Click on Any Time to adjust the dates.


You can select from pre-defined dates on the left, such as This Year or Next Quarter.

You can enter specific dates in the Start / End boxes.

You can use the calendar selector on the right to pull up the calendar you want.

The Calendar Type allows you to define the type of calendar to display the flowchart in.

Standard Calendar - Week begins on Sunday

Broadcast Calendar - Week begins on Monday

Press Apply to apply the filter.


To remove the date filter, press the icon.


Time Scale

Time Scale provides options for breaking out costs on a Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly basis.  This will provide flexibility to view costs across a campaign or even an entire advertiser in a scale that makes sense to the context of the content.


Group By

Flowcharts are grouped by Channel, by default.  Within Channel, programs are also grouped together.

Select the field you wish to group by.  You can also choose to have no grouping by selecting None.

Select a second level of grouping if you wish, or select None.


Color Coding

For each field, including custom columns, you can define color codes for each value.  Color codes are organizational, so any changes apply to all users within your organization.

Upon selecting a field that contains data, the system will automatically assign colors to each unique value.

You can adjust these colors by clicking on the color next to value, and selecting from the color chart.

Select the Show Color Coding Labels above bars checkbox to display the value with the bars.


Display Values

Display Values will represent one or more totals in your flowchart, here you can select the costs and/or quantities that will appear in your flowchart.


Select a display value to add to your flowchart.  Or press the  icon to remove the display value.

To add additional display values, press to add a new line.  You can include all display values if you wish.

When you have multiple display values, you can drag the values to reorder them.




Selecting the Show Placements on Flowchart option will display your placements in the flowchart.

Deselecting this option will hide the placements, providing more of a summarized view.


Placement Text

The Placement Text option allows you to define whether to display the placement text on one line or to wrap the text to the next line.


Wrap Multiple Lines - Will wrap any text to multiple lines as needed to display the entire content

Show Single Line - Will display a limited amount of text up to the end of the line space followed by ellipses (...)

Press Apply when complete.

The flowchart will update to reflect the changes made.


Saving Views

Once you have completed a view setup, you can then save it to use in the future.

The default view is called "By Channel".  If you make any changes, this view will flag with "(customized)", just to let you know it has changed from the original setup.

If you wish to save your view changes, press Save.


Choose the Update the View option if you wish to apply the changes to the current view.

Choose the Save As a New View option if you wish to create a completely new view.

Enter the name you wish to call this view.

Identify whether this view should be available to just this advertiser, or for all advertisers.

Press Save to confirm the changes.


The new view will now be available in the view menu.


Deleting Views

You are able to delete views (except for "By Channel").

Press the Delete View icon delete_view.png

Confirm you wish to delete the view.



Also see: Flowcharts Overview and Flowcharts Export

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