Upgraded Flowcharts Part 3

The final phase of improvements to flowcharts is here!


Additional Display Values

In addition to the Costs already supported in flowcharts, we have added a number of Actual & Planned values.  The data for 'actual' values will be available when performance data is loaded.


Drag & Drop Display Values

When customizing your flowcharts, if you select multiple display values, you may change the order in which they are displayed by dragging the field to the correct order placement.


Option to Wrap Lines

When placement text exceeds the available space on one line you may control how the system handles it by customizing your flowchart.  Either you can keep the text on 1 line, or opt to allow the text to continue on multiple lines so the entire text can be seen.


Managing Views

When working with custom flowcharts, you may create new views & save them for later use.  You may also temporarily modify views without saving them.  And you may delete views.


Displaying Placements

When customizing flowcharts, you may opt whether or not to show placement details in the flowchart.


Export Your Flowchart

You may now export your flowchart, as seen on screen, to PDF and Excel.


Complete details about using flowcharts can be found on the Flowcharts page.


Please feel free to reach out to Bionic Customer Support at (603) 676-7285 Option 3 or for more information or assistance with this and other features.

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