Overview of Security

Security is a powerful feature that gives your company control over what information users can access.

Security is established within an Advertiser. Within each Advertiser, a Bionic Administrator may identify specific users who will have full access to data related to that Advertiser. Those users will also be able to create new content related to that Advertiser. This will allow teams to work together on accounts, while preventing access to accounts they should not be able to see.

Security follows a few basic rules:

  • Full, open access is the default for new companies using Bionic.
  • New, top level Advertisers will not be restricted by default. A Bionic Administrator will need to make adjustments as necessary.
  • New sub-Advertisers will inherit permissions from the parent Advertiser.
  • Additional users may be added to sub-Advertisers without granting access to higher level parents.
  • When Advertisers are moved within a hierarchy, or within a previously unrelated Advertiser, the permissions of that Advertiser and the parent it is moved under will be merged.
  • Users will only see rolled up data related to Advertisers they have permission to access.


Bionic Administrator

Understanding Parent & Sub-Advertiser Permissions

Setting Up Security

Removing Permissions

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