Improved Program Lookup in Media Plan

Bionic has made a number of improvements to the Program field in the Media Plan to help you find the Program you need easier.

Each program is represented by a data card, which is what you select in the Program field.  The data card is a single point of reference for your company that contains all of the advertising/contact information about the program across all channels.  This allows you to manage this data in 1 place across your entire organization.


Expanded Program Lookup

Previously, the Program field only searched the Title of the respective data card representing it.  For some users, the program may be thought of as the web domain, and for others, the brand.  And in other cases you may think of the brand in terms of abbreviations, or some other reference.  This meant Bionic data cards had to contain all of that information in the Title.

We have adjusted the program lookup so it now looks at Title, Website, and Keywords.

Regardless of whether you want the print, broadcast, digital or other channel, select the 1 data card that represents the program you are looking for.

If you encounter issues with duplicate data cards, please contact Bionic Customer Support for assistance (603) 676-7285 Option 3 or


Adjusted Display of Program Lookup

The program lookup will now only display the Brand & Publisher.  We have eliminated the channels, as it was causing confusion if a channel was missing.  Select the brand based on what program you want, regardless of channel.


Improved Program Lookup Sort Order

We have improved the program lookup to push more relevant matches to the top.


For more information, see Manually Add Programs To Your Media Plan


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