Export Sizmek Placement Import

Bionic provides an import file for you to carry your data into Sizmek.


To export the file, press the Export button.


Select Sizmek Placement Import checkbox, and press Export.

The file will automatically output in a Sizmek friendly format.

When exporting data from Bionic into the Sizmek spreadsheet, Bionic will convert the Bionic Rate Units to Sizmek Cost Model values.

Bionic Rate Unit Description Sizmek Cost Model
CPA Cost Per Action (e.g. Acquisition) CPA
CPCV Cost Per Completed View CPA
CPL Cost Per Lead CPA
CPV Cost Per View CPA
CPC Cost Per Click CPC
CPM Cost Per Mille (Thousand) Impressions CPM
vCPM viewable CPM CPM
dCPM dynamic CPM Flat Fee
Each Per Item Flat Fee
Flat Flat Rate for the Entire Line Flat Fee
/day Per Day Flat Fee
/week Per Week Flat Fee
/month Per Month Flat Fee
Makegood Added at No Charge as a Correction Zero Cost
Value Add Included at No Charge Zero Cost
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