Manually Uploading Performance Data from a Google DCM Campaign to a Bionic placement

Bionic enables you to monitor the performance of Google Doubleclick Campaign Manager (DCM) as part of Bionic's Marketing Performance Management module. In order to accomplish this, Bionic needs to gather performance data from Google DCM.

This article describes the process of manually exporting Google DCM performance data and importing it into a single placement in Bionic. For other options, see Google DCM Performance Monitoring.


Step 1: Export Performance Data from Google DCM

The first step of this process is extracting a data file from Google Adwords that contains the data that you want to upload to Bionic.  Here's how you do this:

  1. Log into your Google DCM account
  2. Click on the Trafficking menu and select Reporting & Attribution
  3. Click on Report Builder
  4. Press the New Report button
  5. Setup report

File Name: Daily_Bionic_Ads_Pacing_Report_<dcm account id>

This file name is necessary if using automatic updates

File type: CSV

Date Range: Enter the applicable date

Filters: Advertiser

Dimensions: Date, Advertiser ID, Campaign ID, Campaign, Package/Roadblock ID, Package/Roadblock, Placement ID, Placement, Site ID (DCM), Site (DCM), Site ID (Site Directory), Site (Site Directory)

Metrics: Impressions, Clicks

Schedule: Setup daily schedule with start & end date

Delivery: Establish delivery email if needed

Press Save or Run Now

This is the same report you will need if you opt to use the automatic updates.


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