Redesign of Media Plan Grid

Bionic has made a number of improvements to better support extended functionality and data, and improve your overall experience when using the media grid.


Line Items

Line items now support multiple rows and stacked fields to allow more information displayed while reducing the horizontal space used.

Content is easier to read and Net Media Cost is now visible in the standard view.

Package and Flight indicators are presented in a more friendly manner.


Reordering Line Items

Although you have always been able to reorder your line items, we have made some slight changes to improve the process.

You will now hover over the Selection Tab on the left - your cursor will change to a cross-hair icon.

Drag the line item to where you want it to go.  The placement of the line will be indicated by a dark blue line.


Combined Fields

Each column now contains multiple fields.  This makes it easier to manage multiple related data points.

All fields are labeled by their header column.


Vendor Added to Media Grid

The program Vendor is now displayed along with the Program Name.

For any Private Data Cards, your company will display as the Vendor.  If you need the Vendor changed for any data card (private or otherwise), contact Bionic Customer Support at or (603) 676-7285 Option 3.


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