Ad Specs Field Added to Media Plan

Bionic has expanded its capabilities to now support Ad Spec data in your media plan.

The Ad Spec field has been added to the combined column of Channel / Ad Unit / Ad Specs.

When you hover over a line item, the field will come into view.  Click in the field to edit it.

You can manually type the data or you can copy/paste when possible.

Any data entered will be stored to the product in the data card and will automatically populate the next time you select that product.

If a vendor submits a proposal, they may also include ad specs.  In that situation, they will automatically populate the field when you accept the proposal.

If ad specs have been included in the data card by Bionic, those will also automatically populate.

If you change the ad specs from what the vendor submits, or those that Bionic included, that version will be stored as your own private ad specs and automatically populate each time you select that product.


Resizing the field

For instances where the ad specs are large and you need a bigger view of the text, you may resize the field.

At the bottom right corner of the field, position the cursor until you see a diagonal arrow.  Then pull the field to the desired size.

When you click out of the field, it will automatically go back to normal field size & display the first portion of the content.


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