Batch Edit Media Plan Details

To make updating your media plan faster, a batch edit capability is available.  You can use this anytime you need to update a field for multiple line items with the same value.  For instance, if you need to enter the same rate and rate type for multiple lines, or if you need to change the start/end dates.


Begin by selecting the line items in your media plan you want to update.  It works similar to Excel.


  • Hold the CTRL key and click specific placements to select multiple individual lines.
  • To select multiple lines together, click the 1st placement line, hold the SHIFT key, click the last line in the series.
  • Click the gray square in the very top left corner of the plan to select ALL placement lines.


To select multiple lines together:

Click on the Selection tab for the first row of your selection.

Press the Shift key on your keyboard

Select the last line for the group of rows you want to edit.

The system will select all of the rows in between.

To select individual rows not together:

Click on the Selection tab for the first row of your selection.

Press the CTRL key on your keyboard

Select individual rows you want to edit.

To deselect a row, just click it again.


To update data

Press the Edit button at the top of the media plan.



Select the fields you want to update. 


NOTE: Task columns are only able to be batch edited under the Tasks tab, see more here.

If you select Basics, Dates & Cost, Ratings, or Picklists all values under them will be selected.

Otherwise you may select specific fields.

In this example we are editing the Start & End Dates and my picklist, Received Creative.

Press Next

You will be presented with the fields to update.


It will display the existing values for the fields if all fields currently display the same value.  Otherwise it will display Mixed.  If no values exist in any field, the field will display blank.


Enter the values you wish to apply to all of these line items.

Date fields will provide you with a calendar to choose a date (or you can free-type), some fields, such as rates, will be free type only, and others, such as picklists or rate types, will provide you with a dropdown to select from. If your picklist is not locked, you can also have the option to free-type in this field as you would on the media plan. For more on picklist controls click here


Press Save

You will be presented with a confirmation screen once the update has been completed.


If there are any issues with updating line items the confirmation screen will display which line items had trouble.  This could occur if you attempt to make changes that break "rules".  For example, if you attempt to assign flights all the same start/end date it will fail because flights cannot cross over each other.



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