To better support traditional media, dayparting is now supported in the media plan.  This new feature allows you to enter specific days and times the ad will run.


Day Parts presents as Every Day, All Day by default.

You can specify particular days by clicking in the Day field and selecting the applicable days from the menu.

You can identify specific times by clicking in the Time field and selecting the applicable times.

You can change "schemes" based on the channel to view applicable time slots.


The media plan reflects your selections and presents the data in the appropriate outputs include the Media Plan spreadsheet, Powerpoint, Approval, and IOs.


Dayparting selections carry through to flowcharts and allow for color coding.


It also carries through to Allocation charts.


Additionally, you can apply filters based on dayparts, and update daypart information in batch.


You can find more detailed instructions for Dayparting in Manually Adding Placement Details to Media Plan.


For more information about this and other features, please contact Bionic Customer Support at or (603) 676-7285 Option 3.


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