Allocations Overview

Allocations provide a breakdown of where and how various attributes of your media plan(s) have been allocated.  These allocation charts can be exported to an image or PDF file.  Allocations are available for all major attributes of your plan, including broadcast markets and custom columns.

Bionic automatically starts developing your Allocation charts when you start building out your media plans.



Clicking on any of the attributes will automatically display the respective allocations.



You can limit the view to a specific time frame.


Click on Any Time to expand the calendar options.

Identify the applicable time frame to limit the Allocations to.

Select the Calendar Type, Standard or Broadcast.

Press Apply.


The Allocations will display the data limited to the time frame specified.


Press the X next to the Date filter to remove the filter and view all data.



You can click on any of the values to access a filtered view of the media plan line items that it represents.


In this example, I click on None to see all line items that do not have a channel assigned.


The media plan view will automatically display, filtered to the specific line items missing a channel.



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