Ratings, GRPs, And Other Broadcast Data Added To Media Grid

To better support the data required for broadcast, a number of fields have been made available for media plans that include broadcast channels.  These fields will automatically display when a Radio or Television channel is added to your media plan.

New Editable Fields

  • Market: Enter the Market name applicable to the station.  Matching options will be available to choose from based on the Rating Service being used.  Additional Rating Services can be added upon request
  • Gender: Specifies whether you are trying to reach all persons, males, or females.
  • Age Range: Specifies the age range of the audience you are trying to reach with your advertisement based on pre-defined age break points.
  • Population: The number of people in the Market who match the demographic criteria. For example, number of males (gender) in New York (market) between 18 and 64 (age range).  This number will be automatically populated based on the Market selected and can be modified as needed to represent the specific demographic.
  • Rating: Identifies the rating provided by the Rating Service selected.  This information can be provided by the Vendor.


New Calculated Fields: Bionic will automatically provide you with the following calculations based on available data. 

  • Average Persons: Number of people in the Population that will be exposed to a single advertisement, on average.
  • Spots: Based on the # of Spots identified in Quantity, if Rate is based on Spots.  Otherwise, this field will be editable.
  • Gross Rating Points (GRP): Measures advertising impact by calculating the cumulative percentage of the population the campaign will reach as a whole.
  • Cost Per Point (CPP): Measures media efficiency by calculating how much it costs to buy one rating point. Campaigns with lower CPP are generally more efficient.
  • Impressions: The total number of interactions the audience has with an advertisement.
  • Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM): Similar to CPP, CPM measures efficiency by calculating how much it costs to have a thousand views of an advertisement. Campaigns with lower CPM are generally more efficient.
  • Reach %: Percentage of people who will who will see your advertisement at least once during the campaign.
  • Reach: Total number of different people who will see your advertisement at least once during the campaign.
  • Frequency: Number of times that a person is exposed to the advertisement. If the number is too low your advertising may not be make a lasting impact, but too high of a number could mean overexposing an audience and potentially wasted media dollars.


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