Landing Pages And Google Analytics Tracking Code

Bionic has taken the complicated process of using Google Analytics' campaign tracking and made it simple by creating an automated process to generate Google Analytic tracking URLs.

To use it, simply fill out your media plan as you normally would.  Then add a landing page.

Bionic will automatically generate a Google Analytics Tracking URL.  This URL includes unique campaign IDs and consistent naming standards to ensure accurate tracking.

To make it even more simple, you can simply press Copy to enable you to paste this URL into other applications.

Bionic also provides a trafficking sheet!

Press the Export button at the top right of your media plan.


Select Google Analytics URLs.


Bionic will output a spreadsheet containing both the landing page & Google Analytics Tracking URL to allow you the flexibility to use what you need based on the application your are using.


You can also select which field to include in your media plan export.

In the Setup tab of your campaign, go to the Ad Serving page.

Select between Landing Page URL & Google Analytics Tracking URL.  When you export your media plan, the selected field will be included in your export.


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