Where To Create A Task

Tasks can be created at various levels. There are four levels in Bionic that Tasks can be associated with: Organization, Advertiser, Campaign, or Line Item.  Where you create the task will determine what level the task is associated with.

Organization Task

Tasks associated with your Organization (your Agency) are general tasks that wouldn't necessarily apply to a specific Advertiser or Campaign.  Rather, it may reflect something that needs to be done across all advertisers.  For example, say you have an annual presentation to recap the year representing all of your clients.  You could use a Task to send you a reminder in advance to get your presentation started.

Create An Organization Level Task

From your Bionic Dashboard, click on Tasks To Do Now, the See All link in that section, or the Tasks tab to open the Task Management page.


From the Task Management page, press the Add Task button.



Advertiser Task

For instances when you have a particular task related to a specific client, but it's not directly related to a specific campaign, or the campaign has yet to be created, you can create tasks at the Advertiser level.  This could include a quarterly planning kick off, account review, or items related to future campaign planning.

Create An Advertiser Level Task

From the Advertisers tab, click through to a specific Advertiser. 


Click on the Tasks tab.

Press the Add Task button to create a Task.



Campaign Task

Tasks associated with a specific campaign would reflect anything related to the campaign as a whole, versus specific line items.  This could include getting plan approvals, reminders for presentations, or gathering results to name a few.

Create A Campaign Level Task

From your Bionic Dashboard, click through on your Most Recent Campaign, or click on the Campaigns tab to access all of your Campaigns and click through on the Campaign you want to create a task for.



Click on the Tasks tab.

Press the Add Task button to create a Task.



Line Item Task

Tasks pertaining to specific line items relate exclusively to that placement.  Due dates, such as creative, or scheduling monthly billing of a placement are prime examples of when you can use tasks for individual line items.

Create A Campaign Level Task

From your campaign, click through to the line item details.


Click on the menu icon for the line item and select View Line Item from the menu.


Click on the Tasks tab.

Press the Add Task button.


Click here to learn more about Task content

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