Creating A Task

Tasks can be whatever you want them to be, so their content is completely up to you.  As with most areas of Bionic, it's flexible to meet your needs.

Tasks are created at the Organization, Advertiser, Campaign, or Line Item instance you want them associated with.  Instructions can be found here.

Once you have pressed the Add Task button, you will be able to complete the details of the task.


Related To: This reflect the item this task is related to (Your Agency, Advertiser, Campaign or Line Item)

Flight: Only present when working in flighted placements.  Select the flight to attach this task to from the menu.

Task Name: Your agency can create Tasks Names that are applicable to you.  As you enter a Task Name and save the Task, that name will become available from the drop down menu going forward to help improve consistency and reduce typing.

Owner: Select who this task should be assigned to from the menu.  This list is based on Bionic users.

Due: Enter the date the task is due.

Remind Task Owner: Enter the number of days prior to the due date to remind the task owner that this task is coming due.

Time Required: If you wish to track the time necessary to complete tasks, you can enter the number of minutes.

Complete: Enter the percent complete to track the status of an on-going task.  You will have the ability to flag tasks as complete when viewing tasks.

Description: Enter any additional details you want to include about this task.

Press Add Task to save the task.



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