How To Find Your Tasks

Task lists are available from multiple places in Bionic. You can go directly to the desired Advertiser, Campaign, or Line Item and click the Tasks tab to see all the tasks at that, and all subordinate, levels. A complete picture of Tasks is available from the Tasks Home page.

Tasks Home Page

You can access your Tasks home page by clicking on the Tasks “To Do Now," "see all" shortcut, or by clicking on the Tasks tab in your Bionic dashboard.



Advertiser Tasks

From your Bionic Dashboard, click the Advertisers tab to access all of your Advertisers, then click through to a specific Advertiser. 



Click on the Tasks tab.



Campaign Tasks

From your Bionic Dashboard, click through to your Most Recent Campaign, or click on the Campaigns tab to access all of your Campaigns and click through on the Campaign you want to create a task for.



Click on the Tasks tab.



Line Item Tasks

From your campaign, click through to the line item details.

Click on the menu icon for the line item and select View Line Item from the menu.



Click on the Tasks tab.



Learn about managing your task list.

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