Managing Your Task List

You can view all of your tasks, as well as other users' tasks related to the Organization, Advertiser, Campaign, or Line Item you are looking at. Your dashboard will also highlight the most urgent tasks to make staying on top of your projects easier.

To learn how to navigate to the various task lists click here.


Filtering Your Task Lists


Your Dashboard will display all tasks assigned to you that need to be worked on immediately.  This will include tasks due today, have a reminder for today, or are overdue.

You can click through on individual tasks to view the details and update as applicable.


Task List

Within each task list, regardless of where you are accessing it from, you will have a series of options to narrow or expand your view.

Name: Filter your tasks to display only those tasks with a specific name (you can select more than one).  Use the text box to search for a name if your list of options is long.

Status: Limit your list based on the status of the Task, or expand the view to display all Tasks.

Owner: Limit your view to look at Tasks assigned to specific users, or expand to see Tasks assigned to all users.

Date: Filter tasks based on a multiple date options.

Choose the date field to filter on.

And identify the date criteria.

Level: You can focus your search to Tasks related to items at a specific level.  This menu will vary based on which level you are viewing tasks at.  For example, you cannot look at Organization or Advertiser level tasks when you are at a Line level task view.

Lines: When viewing your task list from the campaign level you can limit your task view to specific lines.  Use the text box to search for a name if your list of options is long.


Updating Your Tasks

Once you have the view of tasks you want to see, you are able to update them all at once.

Select the Tasks you wish to update by placing a check in box next to each, or check the box at the top to select all Tasks.  From there, you can use the buttons at the top to update the selected Tasks.

Mark as Done: This option will update all the status of all Tasks to Done and the Percent Complete to 100%.

Edit: You opt to edit multiple tasks at once.  Edit only the fields you wish to update.  All other fields will retain existing data.

Abandon Task: This option indicates you are skipping the Task, while retaining the history of it's existence.

Delete: All selected Tasks willl be completely deleted from Bionic.


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