Creating And Managing Task Names

For each Task Name, Bionic will store default values that will automatically populate when users select that name in a Task.  Tasks name can be created on the fly by users.  The organization Admin can also create new Task Names, and manage existing Task Names.

Administration of Tasks Names is handled in a special section of Bionic.

As an Admin user, click on your company name (upper right corner of the screen), and click on Administration.

Click on the Tasks Name tab.



Add New Task Names

To create new Task Names for users to access, press the Add Task Name button.

Name: Enter the Name of the Task.  Users will see this name in the Task Name field when creating new tasks.

Once they select the Task Name from the list, the default values you select in this Task Name will automatically populate.

Level: Identify where this Task Name should be make available.  For instance, if you have a Task that is applicable to Line Items, selecting Line Item will make this Task Name available when creating Tasks at the Line Item level.  Task Names will only be available within their assigned level.

Time Required: This is an estimate of how much time this task will take.  By identifying a time, overall workload can be tracked and used to identify when tasks need to be reassigned to ensure project completion.

Status: Select whether the Status should be Active or Inactive.  Inactive will allow you to keep a Task Name out of the list until you are ready to use it.  Or set it as Active now to make it available, and switch to Inactive later to remove it from the list without deleting it completely.

Default Description: Enter text, if necessary, to provide instructions or information about the task.

Press Add Task Name to save.


Editing Task Names

You are able to edit 1 or more Task Names at a time.  If editing more than 1, all selected Task Names will update to reflect the values identified during the edit.

Place a check mark to select all Task Names you wish to edit.


Press Edit button.

Name: If you are editing a single task, you WILL be able to change the name.

Level: The level cannot be changed in any instance once a Task Name exists.

Time Required, Reminder, Status & Default Description: Changes to these fields will be reflected on ALL selected Task Names. You do not have to change ALL of these fields. Only changed fields will get updated.

Once all edits have been made, press Save Task Name.


Deleting Task Names

If a Task Name does NOT have any Tasks using that Name, you are able to delete the Task Name.  However, if Tasks do exist, they will need to be deleted before the Task Name can be deleted.

Alternatively, you can edit the Task Name and switch to Inactive.  This will keep the Task Name & associated Tasks, but remove the Task Name from the selection to choose from when creating Tasks.

Select the Task Name(s) you wish to delete and press the Delete button.  Task Names will be deleted immediately (there is not a confirmation once the button is pressed).







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