Setting Up Task Columns And Tasks In Campaigns

Any Task Name setup for Line Items can be added as a Column to your Campaign.  This will add a Column from which you can create Tasks and track the status for each line item.


Setup Task Columns In A Campaign

From within a campaign, go to the Setup tab.

Click on the Task Column section.

The "In Media Plan" section will display all Task Columns currently setup to display in this campaign.

The "Not In Media Plan" section will display all Active Line Item level Task Names.

If the Task Name you need is not present in the list, press the Create New Task to create a new Task Name.  (This will not create any Tasks, just the Task Name.)

Otherwise, hover over the Task Name you want to add, and click on the Add option.

This will move the Task Name to the In Media Plan section.

When you click on the Media Plan tab of the campaign, the Task Column will then display.


Using The Task Columns To Create Tasks

Once you have Task Columns setup in your media plan, you can either add tasks individually, or create common tasks across multiple line items.  Tasks created will default to the values set within the Task Name.

Fill Out Task Column Fields

Within the Task Column, you can complete the individual fields to create an individual task.

Select the Task Due Date.

Set the Task Reminder days.  This the number of days prior to due date that you want to be reminded of the task.  The task will then show up in your To Do List and Daily Digest Email.

Identify who this Task should be assigned to from the list.

Track the current status of the Task once completed, or identify it as Abandoned.

At anytime, you can click through on the Task to fill in additional details, or update progress by clicking on the Task Icon.  This will open the task to provide a complete view and editing capabilities.


Creating Multiple Tasks

You have the ability to create multiple tasks at the same time.

Select the applicable lines you wish to create Tasks for. Hint: Filtering may be helpful here.

Press the Add Tasks button at the top of the media plan.

Select Task Names to add by placing a check mark next the Task Name(s).

Select the Owner from the drop down menu.

Identify the Due Date (must be the same for all Tasks being created).

Press Add Tasks button to create the Tasks.

You will receive a confirmation page when complete.

Typically lines flagged as Not Updated are lines that cannot have tasks associated with them.  In this case, flight header lines.  There will be individual tasks created for each flight.


Task Status Indicators

When viewing your Media Plan, the Tasks in Task Columns will adjust color based on their status.

Tasks due in the future

Tasks due now

Tasks that are overdue

Tasks that have been completed

Tasks flagged as abandoned




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