Project Management

Project Management is a completely new module added to Bionic to help you manage the many tasks you take on everyday, whether it be for your company, a client, their campaigns, or placements in a media plan.  You can now manage it all it all right from Bionic!

It's been designed to be flexible so it can support the turbulent world of advertising and provides the structure needed so you never miss your deadlines.

Task Names with default values can be established to help with consistency and accuracy, and makes setting up Tasks a breeze.

Tasks can be assigned to your Organization, Advertisers, Campaigns, and Line Items. Managing them is easy with a "To Do Now" view on your Dashboard and a daily email reminder.

For complete information about using Project Management, access the documentation here.

You are also welcome to contact Bionic Customer Support at (603) 676-7285 Option 3 or

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