Reporting Goal #1: Analyzing Data via Flowcharts

Pulling Flowchart Reports

Flowcharts provide you the ability to give your data a little life (and color) when supplying reports internally or for your clients. In Bionic you can create, view and export flowcharts at two different levels. 

Campaign level flowcharts bring together data from a specific campaign. As you may have already guessed these flowcharts are best utilized when reporting is needed for only one campaign in particular.

Advertiser level flowcharts bring together data from ALL campaigns within an advertiser. Unlike campaign flowcharts, advertiser flowcharts will allow you to get an all-around view of past, present and future data for a particular client.  

Each level offers a multitude of options for data that will appear in your flowchart (all controlled by you!), ranging from showing campaign or placement details to costs and quantities. 


Campaign Level



Customize your view to include data relevant to those that will be utilizing the report. Need an idea for getting started? Below is an example of Campaign spend and planned quantities based on Program, Channels used will also be identified through color coding.


Reports can be exported as an Image (.png), PDF, or Excel file


Campaign reporting made easy!



Advertiser Level

Need a higher level view of your data? Good news - you can pull flowchart reports at the Advertiser level as well!


Customize your view to include the necessary data, below is an example of the client's total spend by Campaign recognizing which vendors were utilized


Now your report can be exported


Now that your know the ropes around flowchart reporting, head on over to your next reporting goal - Reporting Goal #2: Analyzing Data via Allocations

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