Reporting Goal #2: Analyzing Data via Allocations

Now that you know the ins and outs of flowchart reporting, let's dive into...

Pulling Allocation Reports

So you want to pull reports based solely on spend? And with a swift click of a button? Bionic's got you covered! 

Allocation charts give you the capability to examine spend by various attributes featured within your campaigns. These charts are being created for you as your build out your plans and can be accessed by simply selecting the tab at the level you need to view allocations for, aka no digging required.

Allocations can be accessed at the...

  • Campaign level - view spend across various attributes for a specific plan
  • Advertiser level - view spend across various attributes for ALL plans within an Advertiser
  • Organization level - view spend across various attributes for ALL plans created within your organization

Campaign LevelCamp_Allocations.gif

Spend can be viewed:

  • Over Time
  • By Agency Compensation
  • Costs (production, agency comp, delivery, etc.)
  • Sellers
  • Channels
  • Programs
  • Ad Units
  • Dayparting
  • Markets
  • and Custom Picklists

Clicking through on a value will bring you to a filtered version of the media plan allowing you to better analyze the spend, in the case any questions arise.


Allocation charts can be exported as an Image (.png) or PDF


Here's an Image export showing spend over time for a campaign



Advertiser Level


Accessing allocations at the Advertiser level provides you with all the options you had at the Campaign level, but also allows you to view spend by Campaign _Campaign_Spend_.png

Organization Level


Lastly, at the Org level you will be able to view attributes for ALL Campaigns as well an additional option for viewing spend by Advertiser


Congrats!! That's a wrap on reporting, but be sure to check out Performance as well!

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