Planning Goal #4: Manage Costs

You have expanded your plan, but now your company, or your customers, want how the money is being spent.

When your boss, or your customers, want to know how their money is being spent, wouldn't it be nice if you could show them?  Track and report the Production Costs, Agency Compensation, and Delivery Costs across your campaigns.


Identify which costs to track in the Campaign Settings

Select the Production, Agency Compensation, and Delivery Costs you need to track for this campaign in Settings.  Set default Rates as appropriate.

(If you need additional Costs, your Adminstrator(s) can set them up for you)



Manage the Costs for each Placement in the Media Plan

Manage Costs for each placement right within the Media Plan by excluding the cost or changing the rate.



Report how money is being spent

Get a high level campaign cost allocation summary...



Or delve into detailed placement costs...



Just one more to go! Planning Goal #5: Track Your KPIs

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