Planning Goal #5: Track KPIs

Now you know where the money is going, let's take a look at your KPI goals

Identify the KPIs you want to track, set a cost efficiency goal, or set a quantity goal.

TEASER: You can combine your goals with performance data to unleash the power of prediction - ensuring you are on track for a successful campaign. But, first things first...

Select the KPIs you want to track

KPIs driven by the Rate Type will be automatically included - just add any additional KPIs you want to track & specify defaults you want to carry into your media plan.



Manage the KPIs in the directly in the Media Plan for each Placement

For each placement enter the KPI Cost Efficiency goal or the Quantity Goal for each applicable KPI



YOU DID IT!  That's it for Planning, but don't forget to check out Reporting and Performance too.


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