Planning Goal #2: Planning Tips & Tricks

Don't miss these must have tips & tricks to make planning easier in Bionic


Clone A Single Placement

Creates an exact duplicate of cloned placement - just change what's different in the new placement.



Clone Multiple Placements

Select multiple Placements and clone to current campaign OR clone to a different campaign

Hold the SHIFT key or CTRL key (just like in Excel) and select the lines you want



Clone The Entire Campaign

This process will create a new campaign containing the same data/placements - great for when a new plan is similar to an old plan.  See more tips below for batch editing to make this process even simpler!



Filter The Media Plan

Show just the placements you want!  Whether you need to makes changes to just your Facebook placements, or want to review just one of your TV placements, you can filter by most any field (or combination of fields) in your plan.  You can use this in combination with many of the tricks highlighted in this article.



Batch Edit Placements

Edit one or more fields across multiple placements at the same time.  If you have cloned a campaign, are working with broadcast placements, or if flight dates (or anything) has changed for all or some of your placements - this is a MUST HAVE!  Can be used in combination with Filtering to help you focus on just what you need.

Select individual lines by holding the SHIFT key or CTRL key (just like in Excel) and clicking the lines you want to change, or select all lines using the top left box (again, just like in Excel).



Hide Columns

There is a LOT of information in a media plan.  Maybe you don't need to see some data at all, or maybe you occasionally just need a focused view for review or data entry.

You can hide columns you don't want to see - applies only to you and only for the current campaign.

The video below demonstrates a scenario in which you may want to just focus on managing your KPIs.



Color Code Your Media Plan

With larger plans, being able to easily distinguish placements using color can make viewing your plan easier.  For instance, you could color code by channel or other characteristic.  Or use color to flag placements that still need work.

You can use the filtering function to limit the scope of the placements shown and color code all of the filtered lines at once.  Or just select specific lines to color code.



Moving Placements Within The Media Plan

You may encounter situations where you need to move placements to better organize your plan.  A simple drag and drop will do.  You can even move multiple lines at the same time.



Move Placements To Another Media Plan

Sometimes plans change and a placement needs to be part of a different campaign.  Or maybe you need to merge one or campaigns into a single campaign, or break a single campaign into multiple campaigns.

Moving placements between campaigns will retain all of the information for each placement, including the Bionic ID, allowing you the flexibility to adapt to changes.



You have accomplished the biggest learning curve in Bionic!  CONGRATULATIONS! The rest will be a breeze.  Move on to your next goal: Planning Goal #3: Expanding campaign data


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