Performance Goal #2: Setting Up Integrations

Now that you've explored the basics of performance, let's focus on...

Setting Up Your Integrations

First you must determine the sources that you work with, here's a reminder of those we currently have set up: 


As mentioned in goal #1, Bionic offers a few different levels of integrations from completely manual to fully automated. Here's a quick breakdown of the levels:

  • Level 1 - Fully manual integration. You will be able to download a Bionic provided template, populate template with performance data and upload back into Bionic.
  • Level 2 - Partial integration. You can download reports (according to steps we provide) directly from the source and upload them into Bionic. 
  • Level 3 - Fully automated integration. After a little work from both sides (this level does require some manual effort during the initial set up), data will be uploaded on a daily basis via an automated process. 

Here's a few of our most popular integrations that you may be interested in:


Google Doubleclick Campaign Manager (DCM) (Level 3)


  1. Setup the adapter - NOTE: This step is a one time setup for each DCM account
  2. Identify default ad server in Campaign settings
  3. Upload your media plan to DCM (optional)
  4. Map placements (if you did not upload plan to DCM)


Google AdWords (Level 3)


  1. Setup the adapter - NOTE: This step is a one time setup for each AdWords account
  2. Configure the AdWords extract to run
    • Using the old interface click here
    • Using the new, beta interface click here
  3. Configure placements to receive data


Google Analytics (Level 3)


  1. Setup the adapter - NOTE: This step is a one time setup for each Analytics account
  2. Configure the extract report
  3. Configure placements to receive data


Facebook (Level 2)


  1. Configure the extract report and upload to Bionic - NOTE: Performance data will populate upon upload.

Need instructions for integrating with a data source that you don't see listed here? Click here to view instructions for ALL sources. 

We can also add data sources if you don't find one that you need. 

You've determined the integrations you'll be utilizing, next up is - Performance Goal #3: Getting The Most Out of Performance

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