Configure the Google Ads Extract


Login to your Google AdWords account at


Upon successful login, click on the Report button in the upper right corner and choose the Reports option.

Click the New Report button in the upper left corner.


 Select the Table option.

On the Report page give the Report a title (example Bionic Report) and set the date for ‘Yesterday’.

Next, you need to add rows and columns to your report:

  • Campaign (from Level of Detail)
  • Day
  • Impressions (from Performance)
  • Clicks (from Performance)
  • Cost (From Performance)
  • Phone Calls (From Performance)
  • Campaign ID (from Attribute)
  • Conversions (from Conversions)
  • Conv. Value (from Conversions)

Then click the clock icon in the upper right corner to schedule your report. Set to ‘Daily’ and select .CSV as the file format.

In the “Who do you want to share the report with” section enter the email address that your received from support.


Once the extract has been configured you can now link your placements to receive data from AdWords





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