Performance Goal #4: Presenting Performance Data in Your Flowchart

You're now getting the most out of your performance data, but there's one more thing...

Presenting Performance Data

Now that you have a full picture of data for all of your ads that are running, you want to show it off, right?! Bionic makes this process a breeze! You've got your media plan data and your performance data, now let's bring it all together.

If you recall how to customize your view for flowcharts - this is where you'll be able to add-in actual data as a standalone value or in comparison to planned data. 

For each KPI tracked you will have a planned and an actual Display Value option that can be included in your flowchart. 


Say you wanted to show your client a report showing how each program used in this particular campaign performed based on weekly costs and quantities - you could set a view similar to the one below: 


Here's how the flowchart featuring planned and actual data


As noted via the display value labels in the left column, planned values are represented by the brighter bars and actual values are represented by the lighter bars. At a glance you are able to see how the ads performed based on the height of the bars for a particular metric. 

NOTE: Actual display values can be included in flowcharts at the Campaign AND Advertiser levels



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