Setting Up Buckets & Budgets

Setting up Buckets

Buckets represent breakouts, or segments, of the overall budget and are specific to a campaign.

Buckets could represent:

  • Segment by Channel - Digital, Broadcast, Social, Video
  • Segment by Market - Boston, California, France, Western Europe
  • Segment by Timeframe - January, 1st Quarter
  • Segment by Tactic or Objective - Conquesting, Up-sell, Engagement, Awareness
  • Segment by Purchase Order - Setup a bucket for each PO
  • Segment by Combinations - Boston 1st Quarter Digital Conquesting, February Video, Social Awareness


  1. Within a campaign, click on the Budget tab
  2. Press the Add Bucket button
  3. Enter the name of the Bucket
  4. Press Add Bucket button to confirm
  5. Repeat for each Bucket



Establishing Budgets for each Bucket

Each bucket has its own budget (you will be able to allocate individual placements to buckets in your media plan - we get into that here)

  1. Within a campaign, click on the Budget tab
  2. Within the Budget column for each Bucket, enter the budget amount to allocate to this Bucket
  3. Update budgets as needed



Once the budget is established for a bucket, the Share will display the percentage of the Total budget that bucket represents.


Establishing Monthly Budgets for each Bucket

Aside from establishing your overall budget for each Bucket you also have the option to breakout that budget on a monthly basis per Bucket.

  1. Check the box next to Show Monthly (NOTE: this option is only available if you have flight dates set for your campaign)
  2. Columns for each month that your campaign spans will appear, enter the monthly budget amount to allocate to this Bucket
  3. Update monthly budgets as needed


Once monthly budgets have been established for a bucket the Total of Monthly (sum of monthly budgets) and Variance (difference between monthly budget and the Bucket's overall budget) will be calculated.


As buckets are setup, you can then track authorization statuses

Or maybe you want to download it for approvals or internal review

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