How To Authorize Budgets

Each Bucket in your campaign can be individually authorized, allowing you to keep track of each Bucket and store the respective PO Number, so you always know where things stand.

Authorization statuses include:

  • Draft (blank) - This Bucket is currently being formulated
  • Pending - Authorization has been requested, but no response has been received
  • Authorized - Budget has been authorized for this Bucket
  • Rejected - Budget has been refused and should not be used in the media plan


Authorizing an individual Bucket

Say you have Buckets setup by Channel, and you have received authorization for your Social budget.  Now you need to record that authorization.

  1. Go to the Budget tab in your Campaign
  2. Change the Authorization for the Social Bucket to Authorized (or whatever status is applicable)
  3. Enter the associated PO Number



Authorizing multiple Buckets simultaneously

In this scenario, let's say you received authorization for the remainder of the budgets.  You can update the Authorization status (and PO if it's the same) for all of them at once.

  1. Go to the Budget tab in your Campaign
  2. Place a check next to the applicable Buckets (or use the top checkbox to select all of them)
  3. Press the Authorization button
  4. Select the applicable Status
  5. Enter the PO Number (if it's the same for all of them)
  6. Press Save

HINT: If you have the same PO Number for SOME of the Buckets, you can select JUST the Buckets with the same PO Number to update those at once.  Repeat for each PO Number.



With buckets setup and potentially authorized, as you build your media plan you can assign placements to buckets


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