Assigning Placements To Buckets

Once your budgets have been established, you can assign placements within your media plans to the appropriate Buckets.  Working directly within the media plan, you can access the list of available Buckets and easily identify the authorization status and budget availability of each, helping to prevent you from buying media that isn't authorized or going over budget.


Assigning individual placements to Buckets

As you build out your media plan, each placement can be assigned to a Bucket to help you easily manage how you are spending money.

  1. Within a campaign, click on the Media Plan tab
  2. In the Bucket field (located after the Total), select the Bucket that the placement belongs to



Bionic has provided a couple of helpful insights to avoid over-spending or spending in the wrong places.

  • Indicator of Authorization status: Let's you know the authorization status of the bucket

Draft_Icon.png - Draft

PendingIcon.png - Pending

RejectedIcon.png - Rejected

ApprovedIcon.png - Approved

  • Percentage of Bucket spent: Total percentage of spend currently allocated to this bucket


  • PO Number: Identifies the purchase order that the authorized budget belongs to. This read-only number is brought over from Budget tab and will be associated with the specific Bucket you select.



Assigning multiple placements to Buckets

If you have more than one placement being assigned to the same Bucket, you can assign multiple placements to a bucket at one time using the batch edit functionality. 

  1. First, you’ll want to select the placements that need to be assigned to the same bucket
  2. NOTE: This can be done by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting the grey area just to the left of the line column or if they placements are together in the plan you can select the first one, hold down the Shift key and select the last one (this will select all placements between the first and last).  For more detailed instructions please see the batch edit article linked above.
  3. After the lines have been selected click the Edit button just above the media plan
  4. Select Bucket and click Next
  5. Select the Bucket that will be assigned to your selected placements and click Save


Voila! Your selected placements have now all been assigned to the bucket you chose. 

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