Media plans are consistently changing day in and day out. With this many changes it is easy to make a mistake or lose track of who did what. Bionic has added a history button in the Media Plan to help you better track all these changes. Included in your history will be exact details on the changes that were made as well as an undo option to restore any unnecessary changes. 

History Details

To view your history details all you have to do is click the History button, which can be found just underneath the Performance tab. 


Within the history details you will be able to see any and all actions that have been performed within your media plan including when new placements or packages are created, flights enabled, any field is updated, and when placements or packages have been deleted. Also included in the details are:

  • An exact timestamp of when the action took place
  • The name of the user that made the changes
  • The Bionic ID for the placement that was updated, created or deleted
  • Type of action (delete, update or create)
  • The property that was updated
  • Old value and new value to identify the exact change that was made
  • Undo button, when applicable - see Undo section below


In the details you will now also be able to see the true effect that changing one field can have on the rest of your placement. For example, adding a new placement will cause updates to many fields including Start Date, End Date, Pricing Method and more.

You have the ability to sort by Timestamp, Time Ago, User, Item, Action and Property when viewing your history. 

You can also apply filters to allow you to zero in on the specific changes are you interested in. There are five filter options you can use:

  • by Date
  • by User
  • by Item (placement ID)
  • by Action (create, delete, update, etc)
  • by Property (Ad Unit, Channel, Product name etc)


Media Plan history can also be downloaded into an Excel file by clicking the Download button to the right of the filter options.

Undo Changes

Undoing changes has never been easier in Bionic - you can simply undo an unnecessary or accidental change by clicking the undo button found within the history details. 

NOTE: Undo is not available for all actions.


Some actions cannot be undone because they were changed by effect of the initial change that you made. In this case, Bionic will alert you with the warning symbol appearing in the Undo column after the Undo button has been clicked. If you hover over the warning symbol a message will appear as to why that action could not be undone. 

For example if you try to change an Impressions KPI when the cost method for that placement is CPM you will get the message below:


In this case you would need to undo the change to Quantity instead of the KPI. 

Once an action has successfully been undone you will see a green check mark appear in the Undo column of History. 


You will be able to view the undone change as soon as you click the 'X' or Done button to close out the History menu. Bionic will identify the placement is being updated by showing a loading bar running across the entire placement(s). 



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