Locking/Unlocking Buckets

As your budgets get approved you will want to make sure that they are not edited by anyone. To prevent anything from being edited you can lock your Buckets as needed. In the case that a budget or PO Number needs to be edited at a later time you can always unlock the Bucket to edit. 

Locking Buckets

Once your budget for a specific Bucket has been authorized you can lock your Bucket so it is no longer editable. 

To lock Buckets:

  1. Under the Budget tab, select the Bucket you need to lock
  2. Once selected, the lock button will be enabled - click Lock


The locked Bucket now appears with a lock icon in the Bucket name field, the line is grayed out and read-only. Buckets can also be sorted by whether or not they are locked.

Unlocking Buckets

If after locking a Bucket you are then notified that a budget, status or PO number needs to be updated you can easily unlock a Bucket to make any necessary changes.

To unlock a Bucket:

  1. Select the Bucket that needs to be unlocked
  2. The Unlock button will now appear, click to unlock


The Bucket is now unlocked and editable.


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