Monthly Budgets and (Super) Undo

The Bionic Version 2.48 release on March 8th introduces some serious super hero media management capabilities to the Six-Million Dollar media professional.  We’ve focused our efforts in two main areas for the last few weeks: 1. More functionality in the new “Media Budgets” tab, and 2. A (much requested) undo features that makes “CTRL-Z” look weak. 

Monthly Budgeting

Every great media plan has strategies for ramp-ups, ramp-downs, hiatuses, and custom schedules.  However, it’s often hard to keep track of the schedule and ensure that the monthly plan matches the strategic objectives of the campaign. You may be able to flight an individual placement, but if there are hundreds of placements as a part of your budget it can get confusing quickly.   

In Bionic’s latest release media teams can plan their budgets with details for each month of their campaign.  Not only can you separate a larger campaign budget into multiple buckets (according to however you need to break it up), now you can break each of those buckets down by month as well. 

You can choose to keep the data right in the Bionic User Interface, or you can export these details into an Excel spreadsheet to pass on to the account executive, the client, or the budget owner. 


Lock it Down

Unauthorized changes to a budget can be dangerous for a media team—especially if there is a miscommunication, or worse, no communication at all about the change.  Bionic users don’t have to worry about that anymore.  Now, users can lock a budget bucket (or the entire budget) to prevent changes to a finalized budget. As an additional level of control, users also have an unalterable history feature at their fingertips.  Something look weird? Just look through the history of the budget or the media plan and see every change.  Doing an audit? Just pull the history of your campaign or budget, and hand it to the auditors.


Track Purchase Orders

In the last release, we added a free-text field in the budget tab to record the Purchase Order Number.  Now, as long as you assign a budget bucket to your placements, your Purchase Order number will also appear on your media plan.  If you are using the data feed, you’ll now see the PO number on that feed as well. 


Super Undo

When most people think of undo, they naturally think “CTRL-Z.”  But the problem with CTRL-Z is that it only undoes the last action (or a few of the last actions in some systems), and you can’t undo something once you have saved and/or closed a document or spreadsheet. With Bionic’s implementation, you can undo anything you (or anyone else) has done as far back as the creation of the media plan.  Plus, when you undo an action, the sequence of effects are all tracked and recorded in the history of the campaign. 


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