Uploading data from Flashtalking

With Bionic, you can manage the performance of your marketing that involves the Flashtalking ad server. In order for Bionic to make all of it's calculations, it needs the raw performance data from Flashtalking. It's a simple process to transfer data from Flashtalking to Bionic.

To upload performance data from Flashtalking you will first need to obtain a report from Flashtalking and then enter the information for Impressions, Viewable Impressions, Clicks and Interactions into the Bionic template and upload. To do that:

From the media plan click on the Performance tab.

Then click on the ‘Chart’ button.

Next, click on the ‘Data Sources’ tab.

Then click the ‘Add Data Sources’ button.

This will open the list of all the data source you can load performance data from. Scroll down and select the Flashtalking data source and click the ‘Done’ button.

That will bring you back to the Performance page. Select the placements that you will be loading the Flashtalking information for by clicking on the + sign for the placement in the Add Lines section.

Once you have selected the placements you want to load the information to click on the ‘Download’ button at the top.

This will down load the template for loading the Flashtalking information. You will notice the template lists each placement from your media plan for each day it is scheduled to run. The template includes the Bionic Placement ID, the date when the placement ran, as well as fields to enter for Impressions, Viewable Impressions, Clicks and Interactions.

You just need to enter the for Impressions, Viewable Impressions, Clicks and Interactions you received in in your report from Flashtalking. (this example is only using Impressions)

Once you have entered all the data into the Flashtalking template, save the template file. Then on the Performance page click the ‘Upload’ button and select the template file you just saved.  

Once the template file has been processed you will then be able to click ‘Metrics’ tab and view the graph that compares the planned to actuals for Impressions and Clicks. (impressions are shown in this example.

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