Manually uploading data for TV Advertising

To upload performance data for your TV Advertising performance you will first need to have the report from your vendor giving the number of Spots and GRPs. You can then use the TV Advertising data source and download a template to copy your vendor performance data into and then upload into Bionic.

Net you will need to add TV Advertising as an integration to your campaign. To do that go to the Settings tab of your campaign and Click on the Integrations option on the left. This will allow to select TV Advertising from the list of available integrations.


This adds TV Advertising column to the Implementation section of the Media Plan. Simply hover over the field and click the Include button link that placement to the TV Advertising integration.


Now that your TV placements are linked to the integration go back to the Settings tab and lick on the Download button for the TV Advertising Integration.


This will download the template for loading the TV Advertising information. You will notice the template includes the Bionic Placement ID, the date when the TV spot ran, as well as fields to enter the number of spots and GRPS.


You just need to enter the number of Spots and/or GRPS from the vendor report.


Once you have entered all the data into the template, save the template file. Then click the ‘Upload’ button and select the template file you just saved.  


Once the template file has been processed you will then be able to go to the Performance tab and view your data.





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