Uploading data from the TradeDesk

Pull Report from The TradeDesk

To upload performance data from The TradeDesk you will first need to download your data from The TradeDesk. The report from The TradeDesk should include these fields:

  • Date
  • Ad Group Id
  • Advertiser Cost (USD)
  • Impression
  • Clicks
  • All Last Click + View Conversions

Down load and save the file as a CSV. 

Creating the Integration in Bionic

Log into Bionic and click on your company name in the upper right corner and click on Administration. 


On the Administration page click on the Integrations Tab and click the Add Integration button.


Select the data source for your Integration and click the 'Next' button.


Name your Integration. (If you will have more than one integration from the same source be sure to use a name that easily differentiates each integration) Specify if this will be available to All advertisers or a specific advertiser. Click the Add Integration button.



Add the Integration to your campaign and link the Placements

Next go to your campaign and click on the Settings Tab and click on the Integrations option in the left column and click the Select Integrations button.


Now in the Select Integrations window scroll down and select The Trade Desk and click ‘Done’.



Linking Placements in the Media plan to The TradeDesk

Now go to the Media Pan tab and scroll to the Implementation section. There will now be a column for the TradeDesk. Click the include button and enter the TradeDesk ID for the placement.


Upload the file from the TradeDesk

Now go back the Settings tab and click on the Integrations option on the left. You now can click the ‘Upload’ option for the TradeDesk and select the TradeDesk report you created above.













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