Uploading data from Awlogy

To upload performance data from Awlogy you will first need to down load your data from Awlogy. The report from Awlogy should include these fields:

  • Date
  • Placement
  • Placement ID
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Total Conversions

Down load and save the file as a CSV.

To load Awlogy performance data into Bionic, go to your Media Plan click on the Performance tab.

Then click on the ‘Chart’ button

Next, click on the ‘Data Sources’ button.

Then click ‘Add Data Sources’ button.  

This will open the list of all the data sources you can load performance data from. Scroll down and select the Awlogy data source then click ‘Done’.

You will be brought back to the Performance page. Select the placements that you will be loading the Awlogy information for by clicking on the “+” icon for the placement in the Add Lines section.


Enter the Placement ID from the Awlogy report into the Placement ID (optional) field.

Click the Upload button.

Click the Choose file button and browse to your Awlogy file and click Upload.

You will then be able to see your performance data by clicking on the Metrics tab.



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