What is Marketing Performance Management?

First of all – great question! Second, let’s make things a bit easier and refer to Marketing Performance Management as MPM. MPM is a portion of Bionic designed to allow you to track and analyze planned vs actual performance data based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) applicable to the ads being run.  This is done by pulling performance data from it's originating source (data source) and tying it back to the related placement in Bionic. Within Bionic, all of your MPM data will be found under the Performance tab, and also reportable through flowcharts.




Like other data in Bionic, performance is driven at the placement level and can be rolled up across the campaign, advertiser, and organization:

  • Placement level
    • Upload and analyze performance data for a specific placement


  • Campaign level 
    • Upload and analyze performance data for placements within a Campaign


  • Advertiser level
    • Analyze performance data from all of the Campaigns under a specific Advertiser


  • Organization level
    • Analyze performance data for all Advertisers and Campaigns



How to get started

There are a few steps necessary to get your Marketing Performance data connected in Bionic.


  1. Identify the data source(s) you want to connect with
  2. Setup the data source configurations
  3. Setup any necessary KPIs in your media plan

Analyze Performance Data

Once you have the performance data in your campaign, you can monitor how ads are performing and report on them.

  1. Understanding Performance Data


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