Setting up Data Source Configuration

Now that you have identified your data sources, it's time to setup your campaign to successfully receive performance data. While the reception of performance data differs based upon the source itself and the level of integration we have with the source(s) that you use, the setup is relatively consistent.

Setup the data sources for the campaign

1) Go to the Performance tab for the campaign that you are going to be uploading performance data for

2)Select the Chart view by clicking the Chart toggle


3) Select the Data Sources tab just to the right of Metrics


4) Click the large symbol to select your source(s)


5) The list of currently available sources appears, select the data source(s) you will be using for this campaign


6) Click Done

7) Each data source will now appear on the left hand side of your screen 



Here is where you will need to follow source specific instructions that will differ depending on the integration level, but here's an idea on where you're headed:

Level 3: Work with our Client Success and Operations teams to configure the integration, if it's not already, by following the instructions for that particular source (usually consists of setting up the adapter and scheduling specific reports to send nightly)

Level 2: Follow the source-specific instructions on how to configure the report from whichever data source you are working with.

Level 1: Follow the steps below and then download the template that we provide, fill out the results manually then upload back into Bionic


Identify which lines apply to each data source

After following the appropriate instructions for your source(s), now it's time to identify which lines will be sourcing data from which source. You will notice that all of the placements within your media plan appear under the "Add Lines" section, to associate a line with a particular data source: 

1) Click the + symbol to the left of the placement name


2) Each line that has been added to a source will have a field that applies for that source's unique identifier to be entered (whether this be a Campaign ID, Placement ID, Line Item ID, etc.). This ID allows Bionic to understand which source data applies to each Bionic placement.  Enter the source's ID if applicable.


NOTE: The source's ID will only need to be entered if you are using a level 2 or level 3 integration as this is how the Bionic placement is being linked with the equivalent entity for the source. Specifics will be available in that source's instructions.

3) Follow the remaining steps presented in the source's instructions


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